Sunday, September 16, 2012

Travel Essentials

Every person has his or her travel essentials. Mine is dedicated to those long 12+ hour flights.

Here's the list:
-Travel pillow- You can get one of these anywhere, I actually got mine at Century 21. This is truly an essential item to have on the plane because some airlines just don't provide you with enough pillows or cushion on the seats (Air India!).
-Slippers- Some people just use flip flops, but I find that ballet flats work best because we all know how cold it gets on a plane.
-Facial Spray- I've tried countless hydrating mists (Evian, Avene, La-Roche Posay...) and the only one I find myself using over and over again is Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. To bring it on the plane, I put the spray in a Muji travel bottle. They make the best travel containers by far!
-Moisturizer- I'm dedicated to using La Mer forever, so I bring it with me everywhere. Of course on the plane you can't bring anything over 3oz, so I bring the petite version.
-Facial Towelettes- I like the Yes to Carrots towelettes in Cucumber. You can get these at Target.
-Emergen-C- The air quality on the plane is horrible and the last thing you want to happen is get sick on the plane cause someone is polluting the air with their germs. There's no guarantee fix to this problem, but you can try your best to defend those germ by drinking a few packets of Emergen-C while on the plane.
-Water Bottle- The water bottle pictured above is by Platypus and it's from REI Sporting Goods. I find it very convenient to travel with a soft bottle cause that means less weight. On long flights it can be bothersome to ask the flight attendant for water every 10 minutes, so I try to carry a water bottle on the plane and have them fill it up for me.
-Playing Cards- N/A to those traveling alone. Pictured above are playing cards made by Chumbak from India.
-Nutrition Bars- Luna Bars or Clif Bars, whichever you prefer. I actually didn't like the Vanilla Almond flavor (pictured above). Since I sleep A LOT on the plane, I might miss a meal or two and wake up hungry so these come in handy.
-My Iphone- I need music! Plus, you need to drown out those crying babies and annoying kids!!

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