Monday, October 1, 2012

Travel Guides 101

Wallpaper by Phaidon (my fave): Covers all the hotspots for the trend loving globetrotter. Comes with pics, table of contents, and a map!
Frommers: They don't spare any details for any budget traveler. Make sure to get the most up to date edition or else the admission prices and hours of operations of the attractions will be rendered useless. No pics, but useful city and metro (if applicable) maps.
Luxe: These handy accordion file like guides cater to one group, those ready to drop some serious cash. Sorry no pics.
Eyewitness Guides: From an English publishing house, these books are known for their amazing pics and details of attractions.
Lonely Planet: For backpackers and those traveling on a budget. How much for one night at that hostel? $10?? Some pics.

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