Saturday, September 15, 2012

India Travel Diary: Part Three

The end of the 'Golden Triangle'- Jaipur.

                                      Jaipur City Palace
            Heading up Amber Fort via elephants. The guide didn't look so happy :(
                                           Ganesh Gate
                                    View from the top of Amber Fort
Streets of Jaipur. You can do all the shopping you want here. 
    Cows chillin in the middle of traffic. It's not just Jaipur, but all over India. This was the best pic I could find cause the cows were so nonchalant!

This was probably my favorite city out of the three. Unlike anywhere else I've been, the city has a beautiful pink hue to all the buildings, hence its nickname "Pink City". I would advise to control your urge to shop until you get to Jaipur. The streets are filled with stalls selling textiles, crafts, shoes, and spices. I bought a beautiful floral quilt and only paid $30! Anthropologie sells the same quilt (Made in India) for $300!
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